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things found in my bag on busted up crinkled pieces of scratch paper and receipts

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


-blog reading is a new favorite thing to do of mine. Its like getting to know characters in a book, mixed with the obsession our
generation has with reality TV.
-I have successfully completed one of my end of summer goals. I made something start to finish... A crocheted bag that I am
actually very proud of.
-I also just finished the book Jesus the Christ. Its an in depth study of the life and works of Jesus Christ. Its biased towards the LDS faith, (it is written by one of the apostles) But, without a doubt I'd recommend it to anyone. Its like a history text book. It leaves no question unanswered.
-my favorite spot in Cedar City is the hammock under our giant apricot tree in the back yard. Last night I ventured under it in the dark to eat ice cream and watch the last slivers of light peek their way through the transparent leaves. Its such a beautiful spot. I've fallen into my own head many a time there.
-I have an affinity for words. Right now my favorite is 'inmediatamente' which is in Spanish and it means immediately. But sometimes I just whisper it to myself because I like how it feels coming out of my mouth.
-I'm starting to have second thoughts about being platinum blonde. I don't want to fry my hair off my head.
-Yesterday I spent $15 at Walmart to develop a roll of film. Outrageous. And. As film goes, only half of the pictures turned out how I wanted them to. I still hardly think I'll make the switch to digital.

-just a few of the pictures.


  1. oh my goodness my sister. i love every single one of those photographs! you are talented. really.

  2. Hey Natalie,

    I read lots of blogs too. I'm addicted. I feel a little creepy doing it because most of those people don't know me, and I wish I was more comfortable with blogging, so I could offer something in return. But I like your blog because you talk about something other than babies (not that I mind hearing about that too). Anyway. I think its a stretch, but maybe you and I could be friends? Maybe it would be too odd, but Just a thought.

    1. Its hard to relate to little drooling jam handed munchkin blogs when we don't have children of our own. I understand.
      I don't think its a stretch! I've always thought you were cool!

  3. Great photos! I feel you on the photo developing. It's ridiculous!! We often just get the c.d. which still costs $$6-8.00 Ridic!

  4. awww...that last one is just too cute :) xx.

  5. your photos are so creative + lovely. i agree with simi: that last one is just too adorable!