receipt scribble

things found in my bag on busted up crinkled pieces of scratch paper and receipts

Thursday, August 28, 2014

simple things.

In the last 24 hours I have been filled up with joy from the simple things in life. Sweet, quiet moments inside myself that make me feel so good to be breathing.
-a bowl of ice cream on the porch-swing with a chorus of crickets.
-a few thousand people snapping their fingers in rhythm to one of my favorite songs.
-a very thick islander woman dancing with all of her heart, and ALL of her body to an awesome dance-y song.
-a random free ticket to The Head and the Heart.
-$1.80 being exactly how much change I had for exactly the right amount of time for the parking meter.
-being alone, but not feeling alone.
-grace and peace at the open house to the Ogden LDS temple.

What was your simplest joy today?


  1. I like you. And your simple things. Did you like your feature? I hope so. It moved me. You always move me.

    My simplest joys yesterday were: sharing YOU with the world. and that Joe bought me a coke because I had a migraine. Silly. But true. I love you sister.

  2. I love you Natalie. When you write it makes me feel happy you were able to go to the Temple Open House. that rocks