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Monday, June 27, 2011

i'm so awesome

This is a post to let everyone know how awesome I am. And I'm not even being sarcastic.

Yesterday, on my way home from work I started thinking about this. My awesome-ness.
And I have a feeling that you can relate.
I'm talking about our small victories. You know the ones. When someone throws something to you, and you catch it. And in your head you're like "yeah! good job, Natalie! you caught those keys! You're awesome!". and the person who threw it to you barely seemed to notice how awesome you were for catching them.

Or when you clean something at work, or home or wherever. You spend a good half hour DETAILING some area that has been needing some serious attention for weeks, and it doesn't seem like anyone else even cares or notices, so you are the bigger person. You are awesome. And you attack that mess of a space and after you are done with it, its sparkling. And no one seems to care or notice. But YOU know that you are awesome. And you know how much better your existence makes your surrounding areas.

Or when you show up to work not feeling well. You've got this terrible headache, or you're hungover, or so tired you're eyes won't stay open without maximum force...
but you showed up. Like the awesome person you are! And with minimal complaints, you work, and earn your awesome wages and go home, and when you get home, you know how awesome you are. And how most of the people you work with are pansies, and they totally would have called in... but not you. Champion of a human being that you are.

Or when you have strong intent to eat healthier. You rack the aisles of the grocery store for those natural organic things that aren't entirely appealing but you're taking them home anyway. When its lunchtime, you deliberately put broccoli in your velveeta shells and cheese. No. Not because you like broccoli... because you don't. Its nasty. But because you are an adult now. And what adult doesn't like vegetables? Yeah. Grow up. So you eat it. And you eat the shells first, saving the broccoli for last, but you're going to eat it.. you really are. there. You ate it. Because you are healthy and awesome. Now go cut up some more fresh veggies for a snack. but don't forget the ranch.

Or when you do something you really don't want to do for someone else. And how its not even a big deal to them that you're doing it, and in someway they are kind of expecting it. But YOU know how big of an inconvenience it is. You know what you are sacrificing... that your favorite show starts in 5 minutes, and driving an extra 5 minutes out of your way to give someone a ride home is making it so you're missing the first 5 (or possibly up to 7 minutes of that show.) You might even walk in during the first set of commercials which is a big deal. So you philanthropic angel, you.
You will continue doing these darling things for other people, but only because you know... just how awesome it makes you.

Or when something breaks, and you accidentally were born a woman. I know. How awful for you, I think you're awesome already just for being a woman. But the drain in the ice fountain isn't working. Or the beer keg needs changing. And these are things that women shouldn't be doing. Well, not 'shouldn't' they just can't. They are frail, fragile little things that might break if they exert effort towards anything.
But you know you are awesome. So you pick up that beer keg warding off the advances for assistance from all of the fellows around you... you know you can do this. You've got it in the bag. You have saved the day. Even though you are only a woman.
And yes. No one seems to notice or care that you did not illicit the assistance of a man... but you know you did not. And for this... you know you are awesome.

And by 'you' I mean "I".

Tell me how you know YOU are awesome.


  1. I'm awesome too!!! That was such a great birthday poem !!!! Bahaha just kidding that is seriously so true though

  2. This is a fantastic post. You are a great writer. (I'm the girl that photographed Tif at the temple. and I'd like to get to know you better because of this post.) I think I am awesome because I folded 3 loads of laundry and did the dishes all while changing butts, feeding, and bathing my little one in one day. I am also awesome because I fit work into the mix too. What a refreshing thing this is. I AM awesome!

  3. @ Randi G. I think that you are much more awesome than I am. Woman, mother, and worker!
    I mean, I'm still awesome. But you win.

  4. I am awesome because I am your sister. I am awesome because I've never cooked really in my whole life until I got married. And now I cook and bake all the time, and it's always way good! I'm awesome because I make people feel good when I take pictures of them. I'm awesome because I love. WOO. this made me feel good.

    lover you sisteroni.

  5. I'm awesome because I married your sister!! :D

  6. I'm awesome because I have a 3 year old daughter how is the coolest girl on the block.

  7. i am awesome because i dedicate my life to keep my plants alive. ha. lame. but cool.

  8. @tif. I feel awesome when i successfully cook too! and take a flattering picture of someone.

    @joe. clearly, that makes you awesome.

    @ana. Having a cool 3 year old seems like it would be hard to do. this is definitely 'awesome' worthy.

    @kelsie. um. i can't keep a plant alive to save my life. So dedicating it to this very thing would be suicide. good job at being awesome.

  9. I am awesome because I get up at 2 and 5 am to breastfeed my baby girl.

  10. HA! this is wonderful. I am awesome because i made pizza, bread, and breakfast for today all at the same time last night. AND! i ran two miles a few days ago and i have not been running in eons.