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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first car.

It looked similar.

A 1990 ford mustang. I remember the day my parents showed it to me. I was not yet 16, because we used this beauty to drive my permit hours to get my license.
It had a brand new navy blue paint job. My personal touch, a rainbow steering wheel cover and a hundred cinnaberry pink smellgood trees.
Things I remember about this car:
My mom in the passenger seat mad because I was always driving a little to far to the right.
Getting my driver license and taking it to school and my non licensed friends to lunch.
Getting in two car accidents at school lunch. One that was ridiculous, and kind of traumatic resulting in damage to the car. And the other that resulted a few car fender bender in which a whole bunch of people hit the car in front of them, i did not, but the car behind me did. I checked for damage, and when there was none, left the scene because I was hungry. Everyone started a rumor that I started it. Which is dumb. Everyone knows that if the person behind you hits you, its their fault. Even I knew that at 16.
Letting a stupid boy drive my car and getting it taken away.
Getting my car taken away for just about any offense.
Driving to the movie theater where I worked with my walkmen rigged tape adapter cd player. Playing Frou Frou, Lincoln Park, New found glory, incubus, creed and a number of other really cool bands.
Taking Tif and her friends to and from school.
Helping Tif and her friends evolve from Britney Spears and other really cool pop groups to my really cool bands with my walkmen rigged tape adapter cd player.
Changing the starter solenoid all by myself in the car (completely with my dad's direction.)
My dad telling me that there was a transmission leak and that I had to fill it everytime I put gas in my car.
Forgetting to fill it.
Car not going into reverse parked at the daycare that I worked at. Blown transmission.

No more car.

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  1. i used to tell people you had a mustang and they thought i was so cool for having a sister that had a mustang.