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Thursday, March 1, 2012

thursday listday

5 things I'd like to do at work but can't.

1. With a party 8 or larger, while they order, I'd just nod my head and not write it down. When asked if I'll remember it all, nodding and smiling and saying, "of course". Then bringing everyone Bean and Cheese Burritos. While serving the plates saying, "here's your chicken fajitas, and your cheese enchilada, and your steak quesadilla..."
2. Helping myself to a couple's chips and salsa while they engage in deep conversation ignoring me.

3. While getting yelled at by an upset angry person, not agreeing, apologizing and fixing the situation, crying instead.

4. Turn the t.v. off in the bar, and just read out of the National Geographic to the guests asking for complete silence... current world events are much more important than sport events. I feel the alcohol might inspire more compassion and excitement in all causes, leading to an abrupt community change.

5. When a customer complains about a server, instead of quietly resolving the situation, I'd like to walk back into the kitchen and have a recording of plates crashing and things getting thrown and yelling and maybe a cat screeching and have the said server walk out looking scruffed up. Our customers would feel empowered.

(not all original ideas. but all very genius.)


  1. haha! i love all of these ideas. you should do some of them on your last day of work.

  2. Freaking working in the public is the worst. I'd like to ask patient's why they are so stupid, but I refrain.