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Friday, March 2, 2012

hydrogen peroxide.

So. My babychild jiggly- pumpkin-pants-puff-face is having her lady time right now. And if you know anything about the woman cycle of any animal, its not pretty.
She's left little spots on the couch and the comforter and the sheets and the jackets of mine that she likes to sit on. (it sounds more horrific than it is). Anyway. Obviously the spots can't stay. I'd like to say they add character and whatever to my little house. but no. its gross.
So, after trying plenty of concoctions bought at the local grocery store made for stain removal and whatnot, and nothing worked, I did research.
Turns out, soaking spots in hydrogen peroxide gets it out! I left them over night, and woke up to cleanness. Its like bleach for colors and it kills germs.
I bought the biggest bottle at the grocery store for $1.

Other household uses for the stuff:
-Mouthwash (apparently it'll help get rid of canker sores)
-As a household cleaner and antibacterial.
-Curing foot fungus?
-holding in your mouth for ten minutes to alleviate a toothache.
-hair highlights
-Use as a vegetable wash
-use it on plants and trees as a fungicide, insecticide, and weed killer.
-kills mold

There are a bunch of other things.

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  1. what if i accidentally swallowed it?
    p.s. that's good to know for other things, perhaps i should try it on other things.