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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Listday

10 Things I Want to Do This Summer.

1. Learn to drive a manual car. I understand HOW to do it, but I've never been given a clutch to ruin in practice.

2. New colors in my house.

3. Go to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. (I made it to the gate of the northern end of the Grand once, only to find out it had been closed for the winter 2 days prior. boo.)

4. Run a mile. (I DO NOT run. So this would be a fun one.)

5. See bands I love in real life. (I have tickets for The Shins in May!!!)

6. Be platinum blonde.

7. 15 regular push ups.

8. Make something (start to finish) with my own 2 hands.

9. Finish the majority of books on my 'unread' shelf. (I just keep buying more and adding to it... I'll never catch up!)

10. Become a regular church goer.


  1. i want to learn to drive manuel too. not manuel, but manual. i also want to run a mile! a whole mile! i currently have a treadmill training system down. to teach me. i want to go to those canyons too! can we go together?

    you're the coolest.

  2. I am absolutely terrified at the thought of driving a car manually!